Have fun. Do good work. 
Try to be awesome. 

I've had an interesting life in video production. I've been making videos of some sort since I was a kid. I started my journey at a church doing live broadcast photography and technical directing for KAKE 10. Then, during college, I moved into news where I wore many hats for 7 years. Some of those were: Video editor, news producer, graphic design, social media, and photographer. About 3 years ago I moved over to Wichita State so I could have more creative freedom with my videos. I've learned so much in both places and look forward to learning more. 

But enough of that, that's what a resume is for, right?
Check out my Producer / Video Production resume here. 
Check out my Live Broadcast resume here.

I am an avid consumer of pop-culture! I'm a gamer, movie watcher, and Dungeons and Dragons DM. There isn't a whole lot that I don't enjoy. I'm easy going and fairly easy to get along with. 

When I'm not working or watching the latest marvel crossover I'm still cranking away  on video production and story telling. I write and edit a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called The Indoorsmen. It winds up being about 20 hours worth of work a week, but it's so much fun. I'm also a contributor to a local nerd website called The SaveState. We produce content for YouTube about the latest movies, video games, and darn near everything in nerd culture.