This 30-minute documentary covers Wichita State's dance department as they put on a highly conceptual show called, "Brave New World." This video was produced and edited over the course of a couple weeks. We also were hired to produce motion graphics for the projected backdrop for the pool portion of the dance, you can see mine below. The video that went into this piece is a collaborative effort from the majority of the my team.  


A conceptual piece put together for a Wichita State's dance department. The theme of the dance follows the book by Aldous Huxley, which is a dystopian future where humans are no longer created out of love but grown in tubes to be perfect being. This specific scene is the death sequence of a character, When everything comes into color at the end the character was sharing her experiences that the pod people never had a chance to embrace. It was projected over a swimming pool on a massive screen.